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When specialized help is not found locally, remote help is here.

Remote Sessions for Healing Complex Trauma

Complex trauma and how to heal needs a professional who has not just dabbed in a few cases, but lives and breathes the nuances and fragility that defines recovery from c-ptsd and it's common problematic behaviors such as infidelity, sexual anorexia, intimacy avoidance and sexual addiction. Often times, counselors refer to those of us who specialize, yet other times clients leave feeling worse because an ill-equipped professional accidentally made the situation worse, instead of better.

What to Expect in Your In-Person Session

Remote video sessions offer support that address dealing with the many ways complex trauma can present such as sexual addiction, infidelity, sexual anorexia and poor relationship success.

Healing from the various forms of complex trauma, whether it’s betrayal trauma, attachment trauma, or childhood sexual abuse, often requires integrating specific trauma therapies such as EMDR, ETT, psychodrama, intensives, and group counseling.

Teams often are created so partnerships get developed with other therapists and coaches whom also specialize in treating the different areas of complex trauma such as compulsive sexual behavior, affair recovery, relationship intimacy and healthy sexuality.

Amanda takes an multi-scope approach towards healing complex trauma, especially in situations where compulsive cheating, complex betrayal trauma and childhood sexual abuse are comorbid. A team approach makes sure the healing process remains safe and maintains continuity for the client(s).

Amanda Elliott Asproni, MA

Get to know your support.

Amanda Asproni, Masters of Arts in Clincial Mental Health Counseling, started her practice after her own experience with healing from complex trauma.

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A Direct & Actionable Approach

“Amanda walked with me during the most tragic time of my life. When I felt there was no hope for my marriage to truly heal from infidelity- she spurred me on. With raw and transparent honesty, Amanda spoke into my life. That she had been where I was, inspired and encouraged me. I found practical strategies for coping and moving forward. I am so grateful for having had made this connection with Amanda during my recovery.”
ShannonMother of 4, Social Services Project Coordinator, Canada

Authenticity & Understanding

“Amanda is someone who puts her heart and soul into helping other people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. Infidelity has a way of making people feel isolated and Amanda has the ability to reach out to that person and let them know that they are not alone. She is amazingly supportive and we are blessed to have had her help us along this road.”
Lucas & ElizabethArmy Soldier & Mother of 4, Washington State

Lifting the Burden of Blame

“Over three years ago I found out that my husband was involved with another woman. I pushed everything down inside, pretending all was normal on the outside, we tried to go on with our lives. I sank deeper and deeper into depression. I felt like I was trapped and wished that God would just take me so I would not have to endure the shame, insecurities, trauma and isolation of this offense. I cried out to God so many times, it seemed there was no one listening. But God led me to a group of women lead by Amanda, who walked me through the things I needed to confront not only in my husband, but in my self. Only those who have shared a similar experiences can know the pain, anxiety, fear, and rejection you are dealing with or are not dealing with. Amanda is that person. She was always kind hearted. Over and over she took the blame for his affair off of my shoulders and put it back where it belonged, on him. She encouraged me to take up for myself, something I had never done. I know that she prayed for me and my marriage all the way through this process and is probably still praying. I am in a much better place now than I was before. I am healing. It is hard to find help these days that actually knows how to deal with infidelity. If you think that you can work through this process on your own, you are deceiving yourself. Whether or not you divorce or stay in your marriage, you need help.”
DonnaAgriculturer, Missouri

Comfort & Trustworthiness

"Amanda was a blessing. We were introduced to her during a very painful time in our lives. We were desperate to know if our marriage could be saved after my husband’s infidelity. She has a way of making you very comfortable to share information and letting you know you are not alone. Gaining that trust is critical for a couple to heal and grow. We will forever be grateful."
Greg & MarieOffice Manager & Accountant, Texas

Keeping Things Down-to-Earth

“Amanda is very real, honest, and easy to talk with because she is a great listener and empathizer. I’m extremely grateful to have her…someone who can speak positively into my life.”
JoyMother of 4 & Small Business Owner, Texas

Making Way for Healing

“I am so thankful to Amanda for being there during some of my darkest times. She was able to encourage me and explain why the way that I was was completely normal at a time in my life when I did not trust anything anymore. She encouraged me to truly find myself and allow myself what I needed to heal in order to be able to look at my marriage as a strong woman, not a victim. Thank you Amanda for picking me up when I was down."
Lisa (Mother of 5 and CEO), Iowa

Kindness & Insight

“Amanda is a kind and patient listener who offers practical solutions and helps me see where I can improve. She also helps me empathize with the other person through her own experiences. You will never feel like you’ve wasted your time.”
LeeGeneral Manager, Oklahoma City