A Unique Approach to Affair Recovery

Infidelity is not uncommon, what is uncommon is that today either one or both partners are seeking specialized, professional support to heal after an affair.

Going Deeper Than the Affair

Healing Affairs works with you to confront the often common ancillary issues surrounding infidelity trauma and sexual addiction such as anxiety, depression, intimacy disorders, interpersonal isolation & family of origin issues.

In-Person Counseling Sessions

Local sessions are available to those residing in the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg Florida area. For individuals outside of the area, see about our popular Video Sessions below.

Securely Connected Video Sessions

Healing Affairs offers video appointments via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or Google Duo offered for those residing out of state or country — or for those who prefer the convenience of a virtual session.

Recovery from marital affairs, whether a one-night stand or serial infidelity, is a long and arduous process. In the end is life and restoration, but it’s not a journey anyone should attempt alone. In the past most suffered in silence, isolated and misunderstood, with few resources to demonstrate a successful path to overcoming the trauma caused by infidelity.”

Amanda Elliott Asproni, M.A., Clinical Mental Health., on what led her to the field of affair recovery