A Unique Approach to Healing from Complex Trauma

Infidelity is not uncommon, childhood sexual abuse is not uncommon, addiction is not uncommon. Help is here. Healing is here.

Getting Below the Iceburg

Amanda works with you to confront the deeper issues underlying common root causes of acting out behaviors such as sexual addiction, fear of emotion and/or sexual intimacy (sometimes known as sexual or emotional anorexia), infidelity and more.

In-Person Counseling Sessions

Remote clinical counseling sessions are available for clients with at least one residence in the state of Florida. Clinical mental health coaching sessions are available remote to national and international clients.

Securely Connected Video Sessions

Amanda offers remote complex trauma therapy sessions via Zoom and Microsoft Teams for those who reside in the state of Florida and she offers clinical mental health trauma sessions for national and international clients.

Recovery from complex trauma whether it’s marital affairs, compulsive sexual behavior or childhood sexual abuse, is a long and arduous process. In the end is life and restoration, but it’s not a journey anyone should attempt alone. In the past most suffered in silence, isolated and misunderstood, with few resources to demonstrate a successful path to overcoming the relationship devestation caused by the legacy of untreated complext trauma.”

Amanda Asproni, M.A., Clinical Mental Health Therapist & Coach., on what led her to the field of affair recovery